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Hatton Group (HG) Coco Coir Peat is OMRI Listed and CDFA Approved.

Hatton Group (HG) COCO COIR is an all-natural 100% organic growing medium that is specially processed to produce a clean bio activated growing environment that is free of harmful bacterial, pest, viruses and fungi. Due to the fact that coconut coir can naturally retain harmful salts from growing near or adjacent to the ocean,  HG COCO COIR only selects trees grown 200km inland from the nearest shore and washed twice using clean ground well water and reverse osmosis water respectively, to ensure salt content is at its least minimum. 

HG COCO COIR size, shape and homogenous structure are designed to provide maximum surface area to optimize the HG COCO COIR natural air to water ratio capabilities to provide:                                      

High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
Exceptional water retention while maintaining ideal drainage for root development
Greater aeration
Natural pH buffering  
Provides a beneficial bacteria environment in the root zone 
Root zone temperature insulation – protection against temperature fluctuations
100% Biodegradable
Promotes strong healthy root growth.

HG COCO COIR PEAT features:-

    • 100% natural coconut pith fiber
    • Homogeneous mix with natural almost ideal water/air mixture
    • 100% organic for best growing medium
    • Natural Low Electrical Conductivity (EC) of less than 0.5 mS/Cm
    • pH of 5.5 to 7.0
    • Total Aeration of 20%
    • Total Moisture content of 75% 


HG COCO COIR can be used as a stand-alone growing medium or used in a combination of soil amendments to promote aeration, higher moisture capacity and increase bio activity.
Great for both indoor and outdoor growing methods. 
To increase water drainage and aeration, a mixture of 70% HG COCO COIR with 30% perlite is recommended.
To increase soil bio-activity, use HG COCO COIR with organic soil and other organic supplements to create a beneficial microbial environment. 

Please note that HG COCO COIR naturally high CEC and its subsequent ability to attract calcium and magnesium ions, growers must monitor for these two deficiencies and add as needed calcium and magnesium supplements to the nutrient solutions. 


HG COCO COIR is available in many packages:
50 Liters (1.77 cu ft) bag of pure 100% coco peats. OMRI & CDFA approved.
50 Liters ( 1.77 cu ft) bag of 70% coco peat with 30% perlite (medium size number 3) OMRI & CDFA approved

Jumbo bags consisting of 30 x 50 Liter or 1500 Liters ( 53.1 cu ft or 396 gallons). OMRI & CDFA approved

Palletized as 60 bags of 50 Liters each bag. OMRI & CDFA approved

5Kg compressed, dry, blocks so as individual blocks or as a pallet of 200 blocks (1 mt) Only OMRI Listed

HG COCO COIR 5Kg compressed blocks are the same quality product as the HG COCO COIR and moisture. Simply hydrate the HG COCO COIR using 5-6 gallons of clean water in a large container, wait 10-15 minutes, agitate to break up dry clumps and add your nutrients. 

Makes approx. 80-85L hydrated product Calcium and magnesium will need to be added to nutrient solution to compensate for CEC.

Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at:



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