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Hatton Group (HG) COCO Mats

Hatton Group (HG) COCO Mats are made from natural organic coconut fibers, rinsed with fresh water to remove unwanted salt residue and then treated with organic latex to bind the coconut fibers together. The COCO Mat coconut fibers and organic latex are 100% biodegradable with a low EC rating. 

HG COCO Mats are used as a bottom layer for NFT, flood and drain, top feed or any type of flowing water growing system. The soft pliable COCO Mat is easily cut into any desired size or shape to fit any growing tray or planting container footprint.  Set the rooted cube, slabs or basket on top of the COCO Mat and the roots will continue to grow through and underneath the COCO Mat to establish a healthy stable root system. 

HG COCO Mats creates a natural barrier above the channels of any size or shape grow tray to shade the light sensitive developing roots whilst providing an ideal humid, aerated and nutrient rich environment for the roots to gain greater mass. The COCO Mats will not dissolve or degrade throughout the entire grow thereby eliminating any issues with clogged channels or drains. The channels are left unobstructed and open to allow the roots an area to grow and absorb the flowing nutrient rich water.

Please note: Once the plant has established roots through the COCO Mat, the plant shall not be relocated without damage to the root system. If plant needs to be moved, simply cut out a large area of COCO Mat only with roots intact and relocate.

HG COCO Mats standard sizes are:

4’ x 8’ x ¼”thickness

4’ x 4’ x 2” thickness

Other sizes and thickness are available upon request

Wholesalers and distributors quantity and pricing available

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